Zen and the Art of Storytelling

By staff March 22, 2007

A quick update regarding my recent (and future, and fictional) adventures.


By Hannah Wallace


I got the best writing advice from, of all people, Cheetah Club Boyfriend, last Saturday over pitchers of green beer at O'Leary's. "When you find yourself blocked," he said, "just have your characters attacked by ninjas. By the time they deal with the ninjas, you'll know which way to go."


This, believe it or not, is profoundly helpful. And actually, considering the usual conversation topics of my bestest high school buds, I'm thinking I’ve received this advice before and somehow managed to forget it. (We were always getting attacked my ninjas in high school. Stupid writer.)


Anyway, I should have plenty to write about in upcoming blogs: A welcome burst of adventurousness from my friends has led to our exploring some different local establishments of late (more on that next week). Plus, the Beerslingers (me included) are playing in the St. Pete Times Forum this Saturday (part of the Lightning’s “Rink of Dreams” promotion, which allows recreational hockey teams to play full-length games on real live NHL ice before Lightning games)—pretty good blog material, I think.


In fact, I’m darn near occupied every evening of the week nowadays. On Wednesday, Megan the Copy Editor and I sampled a few stouts and IPAs at Whole Foods’ spring beer-sampling festival of happiness (or whatever), accompanied by my rock star friend and her rock star husband. (Seriously: They were signed to a label; they lived in London; they once had the No. 1 single in…Tokyo or somewhere. She even put “rock star” on her resume.) We strolled the aisles with our tiny “pint” glasses…


Aaaand then I forgot where I was going with the story.


All of a sudden we were attacked by ninjas in the seafood section.


Man, that is fun.
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