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By staff February 1, 2007


This month: Symphony Showcase chair Lance Licciardi.

Design experience: I studied fine art in Utica, N.Y., and got my design degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I came to Sarasota in 1997, and Tim Thomas and I opened [Palm Avenue design store] Madison Park two years ago. The 2007 Showcase: For our theme, every designer chose a modern artist. I chose Piet Mondrian. My style: Streamlined and eclectic. I keep things simple and coordinated. I’m adamant about: A focal point. A lot of times, my clients have things everywhere. Their mind isn’t at ease. I tell them to take everything off the walls and put it in a room for two weeks. Then they can look at each piece again and decide where it goes. Bad trend: Faux wealth. Over-scaled, poorly detailed pieces of furniture really drive me crazy. Favorite place to shop: Palm Avenue, of course. Last year I was president of the Palm Avenue Merchants Association. In my home: I have table tops that don’t have anything on them, walls that don’t have anything on them, and that’s OK. I combine a 16th-century table with American Empire period chairs with African mud cloth with a Herman Miller piece. In my car: I have the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. I drive around blaring that Sting song, Roxanne. —Hannah Wallace

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