Who Will Give Me a Home?

By staff January 1, 2007


Hello. My name is Sara.

I live at the Humane Society.

It’s nice. I have my own kennel. It has a front and back.

The food is pretty good. People donate it, which is nice.

The people are nice, too. And there’s a lot to do.

But still–I sure wish I had a home.

My day starts when the people arrive. They clean my kennel. I keep it very clean. But you should see some of the other dogs. I keep telling them, that’s not the way to get adopted.

I love mornings. Kelly takes me out to play. And sometimes Mike drops by and we have a talk. And every now and then I get to go out in the back and play with my friend, Hobo.

A strange little dog named Pepper just moved in. She’s very cute—if you like that type. She’ll get adopted right away. People are such pushovers. I’ll take a little longer. That’s because I’m a pit bull mix. Some people don’t like us.

People think pit bulls are mean. Well, I’m not.

I’m totally non-violent. I even like cats. Some of them, anyway. There’s a whole bunch right across the hall.

People even adopt them. Don’t ask me why.

In the afternoon we have adoption hours. People walk by and look at you. I find it rather nerve-wracking. I want to get noticed so badly. Sometimes I will put my nose against the cage and look at them as hard as I can. But now one stops to look back at me.

A nice lady named Marsha tested me to see how I would fit into a home. She held out this funny-looking hand to see if I would bite it. Of course I didn’t. I’m not that stupid. In fact, I passed the whole test with flying colors. She said I was “a fun girl who loves toys and loves to be loved.” That’s me, all right!

Sometimes I get lucky. I get chosen to go in a special room and play with a new family. Needless to say, I get nervous.

Just the other day a family came and really liked me. They brought their dog to see how we’d get along. Unfortunately, I was a little rude to him. I growled—just a little Oh, well. Now it’s back to the kennel.

On Fridays we have Fur Fun Fridays. That’s when a whole bunch of kids comes and learns how to take care of animals. There’s this one girl named Madison. I like her a lot. I keep praying she’ll take me home with her. But she hasn’t yet.

Late in the afternoon sometimes I get sad. I sit and watch the guys from the factory next door play soccer after work. Maybe they’ll take me home.

There’s got to be some family somewhere who wants me.

Oh, well. Maybe tomorrow.

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