Mr. Chatterbox

By staff January 1, 2007

My dog Peanut passed away recently. He had been in poor health for several years, and as the summer drew to a close we knew he wouldn’t be with us much longer. But he died at home, on his favorite couch, in the arms of the only person who loved him more than me, my partner Tom Cate.

Peanut came a long way for someone who was born in a trailer in New Port Richey. He walked with kings but never lost the common touch. He appeared on the cover of SARASOTA Magazine—twice!—and raised thousands of dollars for the Humane Society, Animal Rescue Coalition, Community AIDS Network, the Arts Council, etc. A humanitarian to be sure, but as a dog there was none finer. He brightened the life of everybody whose path he crossed, with the exception of a few cats. He stood up to a 12-foot alligator. He caused a herd of 200 cattle to flee in terror.

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