High Resolution

By staff January 5, 2007

My goals for aught-seven.


By Hannah Wallace


As I wrote in the previous entry, item one for this year’s resolutions is “plan for small happinesses”—less fantasizing about cinematic-style adventures and romance; more looking forward to Friday-night sushi at Utamaro with my buddies, and Monday-night drinks at O’Leary’s with my mom. Those things happen all the time, and they’re always profoundly fun—even though, contrary to my expectations, Matthew Perry has never, ever spotted me from across Main Street and felt compelled to take me to Italy. I need to remember that.


As far as other resolutions go, sure, I could name the usual: lose weight, pay off my credit card, stop putting my foot in my mouth, blah blah blah. But those are too vague to find a foothold in my day-to-day life. If I really want to accomplish something, I need goals that work with my routine, appealing and productive alternatives to plopping down in front of yet another Dirty Jobs marathon on the Discovery Channel (Mike Rowe has never taken me to Italy, either). This is what I’ve come up with so far:


READ MORE: OK, no, that’s not very specific, but I’m an English major with sketchy reading habits, and I spent an embarrassing percentage of 2006 wading through one 500-page biography of Richard the Third. Fortunately, I’ve already made good progress by getting a lamp (after nearly two years in the same apartment) so I can read in bed. Now I just need to remember to bring a book with me when I leave the house, because considering its proximity to the office, I really should spend more time visiting Bayfront Park after work.


PLAN MEALS AHEAD: Whole Foods is not a great place for improvising your grocery list. As it’s been, either I only buy milk, eggs and He’Brew (the Chosen Beer, heh), or I fill a cart willy-nilly with $100 worth of gluten-free bread and, I don’t know, kale or something. I think the store would be a lot more valuable to me if I were buying things I’d actually eat.


BE IMMORTALIZED AT SHAKESPEARE’S PUB (Siesta Drive and Osprey Avenue): This, I feel, is the New Year’s resolution I’ve been waiting for. Drink all 80 of Shakespeare’s beers (not in one sitting, obviously) and you earn a spot in the Around the World Beer Club. With one visit, I’m already five percent there (awesomely, it takes two punch cards stapled together to keep track of which beers you’ve already had). Now I can go out for a few pints and really feel like I’m accomplishing something.
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