Great New Gadgets for Work and Play

By Hannah Wallace January 31, 2007

JUICED The Tesla Roadster is so remarkable it defies comparison. Yes, it's an electric car. But it dashes 0 to 60 in four seconds (faster than Ferraris or Lamborghinis), travels 250 miles before needing a four-hour battery recharge, produces no pollution, and costs about a penny a mile to operate. With a 70-pound, watermelon-sized motor, it's the first car to combine style and fun with a finger flip at foreign oil. The first 100 are sold out and orders are now being taken for a second run beginning this month. The super roadster costs $100,000; Tesla says Miami will get a dealership this year.

SPEED DEMON Now that you've ordered your Tesla Roadster, you'll need a boat that makes a statement, too. Maybe you're moving up from that motorcycle-on-the-water scooter popularized by Sea-Doo. If so, stick with Sea-Doo for the 150 Speedster model. This 15-foot beauty is a sports car for the waterways, complete with extreme handling agility to match its get-up-and-go acceleration. Check out its look-at-me graphics, too. $15,899.

LOTTA LOVE HANDLES It's a new year and time to once again resolve to become a bit more fit. Meet the LoveHandler, the newest gadget-gizmo designed by fitness trainer-to-the-stars Dan Isaacson. Gadget marketer Sharper Image says the LoveHandler will whittle away those ludicrously named love handles along the sides of your waist. In fitness-speak, it "targets the oblique muscles of your core torso." The manufacturer says the workout involves "just a few easy swings of your body, back and forth." Put it in your room of abandoned good intentions beside your treadmill, stationary bicycle, Bowflex machine and Suzanne Somers thigh thingy. $250.

IF THE SHOE FITS Floridians love sandals, so the Merrell Boot Company should do well with its lineup of sports sandals for outdoor enthusiasts. This model has cut the sandal down to what the company calls the bare minimum (clever, eh?). The specifications sound like they describe a space shuttle part, but basically the thing self-adjusts to the sole of your foot and hangs on while you jog, jump or meet a stingray while cruising in your 150 Speedster boat. Men's and women's models are available at $70 a pair.

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