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By staff January 23, 2007




Antonio Banderas talks about his directorial debut at the Sundance Film Festival.


By Charlie Huisking


His black hair tied in a pony tail, Antonio Banderas drew cheers and a few adoring screams when he took the stage at Sundance Monday night to introduce Summer Rain. The Spanish-language film is the second directorial effort by the actor.

Spanish Charmer: Sundance fans were disarmed by Banderas' candor about his new Summer Rain


A meditative coming of age story set in 1970s, Franco-era Spain, it is based on a novel. Banderas said he was drawn to the story because it reminded him of his youth in his native country. The film had a poetic, darkly lyrical nature and featured gorgeous cinematography. But the plot was at times confusing, as were some of the characters' motivations.


"I know I have not made a perfect film, I can see some of the flaws myself," the disarming Banderas said. "But I wasn't worried about the critics, or even the respect of my colleagues. I made this to learn more about who I am as I director. It's part of a journey."


Banderas answered dozens of questions from audience members afterward. At one point, he apologized for being long-winded and noted that "the wine I had during the screening was wonderful." A minute later, he answered a question posed in Spanish by a journalist. Banderas momentarily forgot to translate his answer.


"Sorry. The wine was Burgundy," he said. "Mmm."

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