A Very Good Weekend

By staff January 22, 2007

Just a quick update on the last few days.


By Hannah Wallace


Had another hockey tournament this weekend—this one in Brandon. Good times for Ms. Conduct: My C team finished fourth overall and showed another giant leap of improvement by coming back from a 3-1 deficit Saturday to win 4-3. Celebrated that night at Brandon’s in-rink bar with Newcastle, chicken wings and a big group of people watching the Lightning game. It was a bittersweet reminder that Ellenton Ice & Sports needs to hurry up and get a restaurant tenant to replace the Beef O’Brady’s that was driven out of the building so many months ago.

WEEKEND WARRIORS: My center and I prepare to beat the snot out of some chicks.
Photo courtesy of Vanessa Charles Photography (Thanks, Charli!)


Sunday nights aren’t quite the same without Beef’s: The Beerslingers are getting impatient for a new haunt. And when the Beerslingers get impatient, napkins get thrown and people get sprayed with condiments. (I’m thinking the Ellenton Applebee’s is starting to wish we had somewhere else to go after our Sunday-night league games, too.)


So yes, hockey is still hockey, chugging along (heh) as usual—though we’ve gathered a couple cow bells, some new bruises and a few choice words for referees along the way. The real story of my weekend was Friday night at Asolo Rep’s opening of Expecting Isabel, one of the shows my mother is stage-managing this season. Together we followed the opening night party from the Asolo’s lobby to Hemingway’s on St. Armands—it was a darn good time. I’ll go into more detail later in the week; Mom and I are going out to O’Leary’s tonight, and I need to give her a chance to get her story straight.


(Just kidding, Mom! Please continue to include me in your social life!)
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