Here I Go A-Wassailing

By staff December 12, 2006


You can put a dress on the girl, but you still can’t make the girl pose appropriately for pictures.


By Hannah Wallace

Partying on: That's copy editor Megan Mcdonald with her eyes
closed; I'm the fashion-forward girl in the red skirt.

As promised, I gussied myself up right good on Friday night for the SARASOTA Magazine Christmas party at Beau Ciel. I was working the red skirt and Antonio Melani black leather pumps with the cute little thing that ties around the front of my ankle (which, I have to admit, I bought last spring for my grandmother’s funeral—fortunately they’re equally appropriate for a winter gathering, and Friday’s weather cooperated accordingly). Unfortunately, the extra-terrestrial upper-respiratory infection I contracted on the ice last weekend gave me a not-so-sexy baritone rasp. I don’t know that anyone would complain about my not being able to talk, but the fact that I keep trying to honk and squeak my way through conversations seemed like kind of a turn off.


And I’d also like to blame my fluid-filled right ear both for my shout-talking and my awkward pseudo-two-step on the dance floor: Not so easy to dance when your equilibrium is flooded, is it?


Because otherwise, as you all know, I am quite an impressive dancer.


You go, girls! The Roller Derby fashion show at the Atomic Bazaar.

Still, mucus-packed though I was, I wasn’t going to miss the Atomic Holiday Bazaar at the Municipal Auditorium Sunday. Three holiday huzzahs to Cemantha Crain and Adrien Lucas for their spectacular alternative craft show. The merchandise delivered—everything from retro-pop-culture magnets to smack-talking dinnerware to lots and lots of cool things made out of neckties—and the attendance was promising indeed. I kept hearing (in my good ear, at least) middle-aged attendees telling vendors how nice it was to have young people around. My sentiments exactly, but it was especially nice to see Sarasota’s extreme demographics mingling like that—everyone happy to see everyone. Any event where a dreadlocked kid and Jean Weidner can shop happily together is an event to be supported.


Tune in later this week: I need advice on a serious conundrum regarding inflexible New Years Eve plans and, of course, finding a last-minute date.

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