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By staff November 1, 2006

Sarasota designer for: 40 years. What’s new: With the influx of people from the Northeast, we’re getting a more flamboyant client. It raises the bar; we as a design community tend to get lazy. Keeping the old: People still like to have a warm sand background. Southwest Florida is so bright that they prefer a lighter, cooler foundation. Then they can flood the room with color. Unfortunate trend: The quality of merchandise; so much has been outsourced. You can’t call China or India and ask for a sample. The best clients are: Husbands and wives who work together well. Favorite project: A children’s room. They wanted to create an indoor tree house—the beds were in the shape of tree trunks. It was like working for Disney. My home: An 1894 Florida Cracker-style home on the water. [Husband and architect] Frank and I bought it 25 years ago. Everywhere you go is comfortable. Favorite place: My bathtub; it looks out over Longboat Key. Musical favorites: Classical radio, Rod Stewart and Elton John. I like mellow things. And I love singing in the church choir. If I weren’t a designer, I would: Surround myself with animals. They’re the best teachers in life.

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