Letters to the Editor

By staff March 1, 2006


Our most famous citizen is on the cover of this month's issue? Infamous would be a better word to describe Mr. Springer. I can name 10 other famous people who live here who would have been far more acceptable folks to tout. I'm ashamed to live in the same town as he does.-Marcia Sohl, Sarasota


The main reason my wife and I like to winter in the Sarasota area is the ambiance of culture and class. I felt much the same about SARASOTA Magazine. Then you put Springer on the cover.-Jack Sheets, Saginaw, Mich.


Please allow me to suggest that for you to have showcased Jerry Springer as "Sarasota's most famous resident," including putting his photo on your cover, was a terrible lapse of good judgment. It's a sacrilege for you to lend the fine cultural reputation of Sarasota and the respectability of your magazine to someone who promotes and profits from such demeaning and revolting garbage as he does. I would ask you to month by month, tell us of the many good people living in Sarasota who enrich our lives. Your magazine is too valuable a resource to miss the opportunity in this way to enhance our already wonderful experience of living here in Sarasota.-Jim Westerdale, Sarasota


Sarasota must be a cesspool if Jerry Springer is our most famous resident. You know better! Why? Why? Why would you do it? I suggest Pee Wee for next month.-Herb Loomis, Bradenton


Yeah, he's controversial, and yeah, his TV show is an embarrassment to his own mother, but there's no denying that Jerry Springer is a huge part of our pop culture. He's news, plain and simple. My hat is off to Kay Kipling for snagging an interview with Sarasota's bad boy, who turns out to be a really interesting guy with lots more depth and brains than his television persona lets on. Thank you for a great read and fresh insight into a character I, for one, have been wanting to now more about.-Ruth Lando, Sarasota

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