Sarasota's 10 Best Eco-Friendly Finds

By staff March 1, 2005

1. Get glowing! That motto drives Dr. Hauschka's holistic skin care line. Available at Bloom Organics, "an eco-spa and apothecary for skin, body and planet," Hauschka's Cleansing Milk is rich in fermented grain extract, jojoba and sweet almond oil, making it a favorite of Brad and Jen, according to Vogue magazine. Good for the planet, and great for removing make-up, too. $30.95 for 4.9 ounces. 2065 Siesta Drive, (941) 362-4194.

2. Ray-cycle! Artist Ray Fulk welds large-scale sculptures from car springs, sprockets, gears and other found objects. Check out his masks and praying mantis at Whole Foods, his flowers, humans, bees and butterflies at the Children's Garden on 10th Way, or commission a piece yourself. From $10 to $5,000. (941) 685-5417 or (941) 921-9184.

3. Dwell well. Live green in downtown's Kanaya, a condo that will be constructed of healthy and natural renewable materials, from state-of-the-art water filtration systems to cork and bamboo floors. Common areas include Zen gardens, serenity walks, yoga and Pilates classes, a non-chlorinated pool and private gardening plots. Plus, windows open for cross-ventilation, advanced insulation promotes peace and quiet, and the upper stories have great water views. Waterside Realty, (941) 376-6969.

4. Pet project. The so-called BARF raw food diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones and Raw Food) aims to provide dogs and cats with a diet similar to what they ate in the wild. BARF proponents shudder to think about the detritus that ends up in regular grain-based dog food and believe that most pet diseases are a direct result of poor nutrition. Freezer rolls of BARF's ground meat and bones, organ meats and fruits and veggies, all fit for human consumption, are delivered regularly to your door. $15.54 for six pounds. Susan Hoag, (941) 922-7394 or

5. Clothes encounter of the sustainable kind. Stewart + Brown's signature graphic tees are made from specially commissioned organic cotton fleece-no petroleum base, no pesticides-and just a tiny touch of spandex and polyester for a fashion-forward feel. Between them, the designers helped shape lines we love at Urban Outfitters, J. Crew, Patagonia and Anthropologie. About $58. Lotus, 1451 Main St. (941) 906-7080.

6. Go hybrid. With the new Ford Escape XLS 2.3L, the first SUV hybrid (a vehicle that runs on a combination of gas and electricity motors and batteries), it's easy to be green. You can keep the beefy comforts of your SUV and still preserve the planet: It gets an impressive 50-60 miles per gallon of gas versus the typical SUV's 15-20 mpg. Since one gallon of gas produces 19 pounds of ozone-eating CO2, what's not to like? $22,515. Sarasota Ford, 707 S. Washington Blvd. (941) 366-FORD (3673).

7. Heaven scent. Boudreau's Natural Perfumes, custom-blended organic fragrances, are mercifully free of the synthetic ingredients used in scents created en masse. Boudreau's perfumes take about three months to make, since the essential oils must be layered and aged to blend beautifully. Ask for a custom scent similar to a commercially prepared favorite or design your own. Lavender and amber are soporific; citrus, basil and vanilla bases help you focus. One-half ounce bottle, $55. (941) 914-2470.

8. Co-operate. Green Door co-op offers affordable, chemical and pesticide-free, certified organic produce weekly. Measured out in bushel or eight-gallon portions, the bags consist of one-third leafy vegetables, one-third non-leafy vegetables and one-third fruit. Contents change weekly, according to what's in season. And don't worry about not recognizing the red chard: Recipes are included. Pick up weekly at Rosemary Court or ask for delivery to your downtown door. $12-$18 per order. Jesse Gold (941) 378-9036 or [email protected]

9. Come let us adorn you. Take a leaf out of the book of the women in Ghana who collect old bottles to make these heavenly handmade beads, and look good while saving the planet. At Beauty & the Beads you'll find coke bottle green, milk of magnesia cobalt and Heinekenite (from the eponymous dark green bottles), as well as a color the Ghanese beaders called Coke 'n' ice (a watery, pale green). The beads are wonky, irregular and fabulous. $30-$60 for 26-inch strand. Beauty & the Beads, 422 S. Pineapple Ave., (941) 952-0101 or

10. Cruise with compassion. Continued eco-tourism will help sustain local economies in the areas hardest hit by the tsunami. To help the region rebuild-and see how to appreciate your life today-sign on for a luxury tour aboard the Silversea fleet's Silver Wind this November. You'll visit the Seychelles, Madagascar, Mauritius and Cape Town, with special excursions in Phuket, India and Maldives planned by travel agent Malaka Hilton to aid the cause of revitalization there. $10,000 per person. Admiral Travel Cruise, 1284 N. Palm Ave. (941) 951-1801. $10,000.

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