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By Hannah Wallace May 31, 2004

Roll out the red carpet-it's time to celebrate the 43rd annual ADDY Awards, the most creative marketing concepts produced by area advertising agencies, graphic design firms, Web site developers, printers and publishers.

ADDY Award winners are imaginative, resourceful and inspirational for anyone searching for ways to better market his or her business. "You can get a sense of trends-the newest ways to address particular marketing messages," says Peter Baxter, president of the Advertising Federation of the Suncoast, which sponsors the competition.

Tom Hayes, sales executive with WPEC News 12 in West Palm Beach, helped judge the local competition and also serves on the national ADDY Awards Committee. He says what makes an ADDY winner is "somebody who thinks outside the box, somebody who goes at it from an altogether different approach."

Fellow judge Jerry Doty concurs. "Since there really are no 'new' ideas, it is the way in which a common idea or theme is treated that makes for a winning piece," says Doty, business manager of S2 Advertising in Daytona Beach and immediate past governor of the Ad Federation's 4th District, which encompasses Florida and the Caribbean. "Adding a twist to an already known story is what makes advertising interesting. By doing that, you present the audience with a sense of familiarity and surprise at the same time."

Baxter cautions that, while creativity can be an important factor in successful advertising because it makes the product memorable, "it's ultimately successful if it sells whatever it's trying to sell. Creativity for creativity's sake alone is not necessarily going to be effective; it should be creative in the context of delivering sales of your product or service."

Here are six of the 115 winners of the 43rd annual ADDY Awards that sold us on the wealth of talent in the area.

Four-color brochure

Gold ADDY, Award, Amy Award

Serbin Printing, Inc.

Advertiser: Camlin Home Corporation

Title: Harbour Walk at The Inlets

Contributors: Dickinson Studio, photography; Michele Chilson, designer and writer; Serbin Printing, Inc., printer

Special event material


Gold ADDY, Award

Entrant: Clarke Advertising

Advertiser: Closetmaid

Title: VooDoo invitation

Contributors: Bob Briggs, senior copywriter; Bob Connelly, account executive; Coastal Printing, printer; Dominique LeClezio, creative director; Joan Burnell, traffic manager, Larry Clark, art director; Lori Summers, production manager

Newspaper campaign

Color (any color besides black)

Gold ADDY, Award

Entrant: Stephen A. Smith & Associates

Advertiser: Albritton Fruit Company

Title: Albritton Fruit Company Retail Campaign

Contributors: Cindy L. Oatman, media director; Michael Brown, art director; Steve Smith, creative director/copy writer; Wendy Denney, graphic designer


Gold ADDY, Award

Entrant: Be Creative

Advertiser: Mr. Build, Inc.

Title: Mr. Build logo

Web sites, Business-to-Business


Silver ADDY, Award, Judges Choice Interactive

Entrant: Merging Point Design, Inc.

Advertiser: Boyd Gaming Corporation, Inc.

Title: Boyd Gaming Corporation Online

Contributors: Roseanne Avella-Perez, creative director

Advertising Industry Self-Promotion

Creative Services Collateral (brochures, posters, etc.)

Silver ADDY, Award

Entrant: Indigo Blue, LLC

Advertiser: Indigo Blue, LLC

Title: Indigo Blue Sales Kit

Contributors: Karen Susalla, creative director/designer; Serbin Printing, printer.

Gold ADDY, Award, Amy Award

Entrant: Serbin Printing, Inc.

Advertiser: Ringling Museum of Art

Title: CA 'D'ZAN The Ringling Residence

Contributors: Francoise Hack-Lof, Teresa A. Koncick, Linda R. McKee, writers; Giovanni Lunardi Photography, photographer; Judy Webster, designer-Serbin Printing; Mike Hamel, color separations-Serbin Printing; Serbin Printing, Inc., printing. 

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