Crunching Numbers

By Hannah Wallace April 30, 2004

Gross state product created by the arts in 2000-2001: $2.9 billion.

Full-time equivalent jobs created in Florida by the arts and cultural industry: 28,302.

Number of out-of-state tourists who visited Florida's cultural activities in 2001: 7 million.

Amount they spent: $4.5 billion.

Number that visited museums and galleries: 38.6 million.

Amount the average cultural tourist spent on a trip to Florida in 2001: $588.30

Number of people who attended performing arts events in Florida in 2001: 192.7 million.

Amount of money spent by North Florida arts and cultural organizations: $168.2 million. Central: $425.6 and South Florida: $620.1 million.

Amount of money earned by nonprofit arts and cultural organizations in 2001: $491.5 million.

Amount received from local, state and federal grants: $189.3 million.

Percentage of Sarasotans making more than $100,000 who frequently attended arts events in a year: 27 percent. Those making less than $25,000: 8 percent.

Percentage of 25- to 34-year-old Sarasotans who attend art events: 59. 65-year-old-plus: 52 percent. 34 to 44-year-olds and 55 to 64-year-olds are equally likely (17 percent) to be "frequent attendees."

Percentage of responders to an Urban Institute Study who said that arts partly influenced their decision to move to Sarasota: 43.

Number of arts attendees in 2002 in Sarasota County: $1.6 million.

Percentage of 2002 arts attendees who are not Sarasota County residents: 37.8

Average amount of money spent by arts attendees in Sarasota per event, not including price of admission: $34.29.

Revenue generated to local Sarasota government through the arts: $5.6 million

Revenue generated to state government through Sarasota arts: $9 million.

Number of full-time Sarasota County jobs supported by arts revenue: 2,956.

Figures collected from the January 2004 study entitled Economic Impact of Florida's Arts and Cultural Industry by Dr. William Stronge of Florida Atlantic University; the 2004 Performing Arts Research Coalition study by the Urban Institute; and the Economic Impact of the Nonprofit Arts Industry (FY2002) study of Sarasota County by Americans for the Arts.

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