Crunching Numbers

By Hannah Wallace March 31, 2004

Number of years Manatee Community College has existed: 47

Number of locations: 3

Number of times faster that MCC grew from 1999-2003 compared to average community college in Florida: 3

Percentage of local college-bound high school graduates who attend MCC: 53.2

Percentage of students entering MCC judged ready for college-level math classes: 44.4

Number of degrees MCC has awarded from 1960 through 2003: 27,365

Number of degree-seeking students in 2003: 8,500; in 1993, 8,150; in 1983, 6,600

MCC graduates with IT skills graduated since 1995: 2,000

MCC graduates with health science degrees since 1995: 1,000

Rank of A.A. degree as the most popular degree program: 1; percentage of MCC students in this program: 65

Percentage of students in associate in science/associate in applied science (A.S./A.A.S.) degree programs (degrees for entering the workplace immediately; they do not allow students to transfer into upper-level divisions of universities): 25

Number of A.S./A.A.S. programs at MCC: 27

Rank of nursing, computer information systems, dental hygiene and radiography as the most popular A.S./A.A.S. degrees: 1,2,3,4

Job placement rate of MCC graduates with A.S. degrees and certificates: 98.8

Percentage of women students at MCC in 2003: 62

Percentage of part-time students at MCC: 60

Percentage of Caucasian students at MCC in 2003, 82; in 1993, 91

Average age of MCC student: 28

Number of the state's 10 universities (New College of Florida figures not available) where MCC transfer students outperform students who started as university freshmen: 8

Percentage of MCC graduates who transfer to USF: 65

Unfunded students at MCC (due to failure of state funding to keep pace with increasing enrollment): 1,000

Percentage of dual enrollment students (high school students enrolled in college courses) at MCC: 9.2

Percentage of students with an AA degree from a Florida community college who receive admission to the upper-level division of a state bachelor's degree institution: 100

Number of countries represented at MCC in the student body: 41

Bright Future Scholarship recipients at MCC in fall 2003: 679

Financial aid awarded each academic year: $16 million

Number of students in typical class: 30 or fewer

State championships won by the MCC varsity baseball team: 12

MCC athletes who have gone on to play sports at the university or professional level: 1,000

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