Home Grown

By staff October 1, 2003

Wayne "Bucky" Hibbs Jr. first walked into Farm & Garden Supply in 1953 at the gangly age of 11 to help his father Wayne Hibbs sell cattle feed and chickens. For the next five decades, father and son grew the store, switching from feed to flowers and chemical fertilizers to organics. They even hosted a folksy local TV show on plants.

Today, Farm & Garden sits on a four-lane highway and the first Mr. Hibbs has died, but Hibbs Jr. still strolls through the rows of orchids, roses and citrus, answering questions from plant lovers who swear by the nursery's small-town feeling and good old-fashioned service.

But Farm & Garden may not survive in its choice Fourth Street location much longer. Hibbs, who still sits at his father's desk, looks at his office wall with pictures of his three children and seven grandchildren and figures he'll eventually sell. "This property's becoming too valuable for us to have here," he says. But he's not in a rush. After years of watching plants grow, he knows everything has its season.

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