By staff January 1, 2003

Many of Sarasota's smaller companies are not grossing enough to make our annual $10-million list of top companies, but they're quietly making big names for themselves in the national press. In time, they may very well be on our list. Until they are, here are some up-and-coming companies that you should be paying attention to:

Valve Amplification Company

VAC was founded in 1990 by Kevin Hayes and his father, Channing Hayes to produce components that reproduce recorded performances as accurately as possible. The company, which makes high-end audio equipment, relocated to Sarasota from Durham, N.C., in 2001 and now occupies a 2,465-square-foot facility in the Northgate Industrial Park. Their work has been lauded in publications around the world, including Business Week. Web site:

Doc's Guide, Inc.

This physician-based company recently moved its headquarters from Punta Gorda to Sarasota. It is the developer and distributor of a nutritional supplement called "doc's essentials" that is based on an ingredient called "Omega-3." They claim that as part of a healthful lifestyle, their supplements can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis, even dementia. Visit their Web site at

Copytalk, LLC

CopyTalk is a subscription-based service that enables users to listen to e-mails and reply by voice using their telephone. It has created an interface between telephones and computers that allows and dictation and scheduling, and can be used with both Windows PCs and small computing devices like the Palm Pilot. Stay tuned for more news about this company. It looks ready for the big time. You can visit its Web site at

MadahCom Ltd.

This Israeli-based wireless communications company manufactures emergency and terrorism alert systems. The sales, support and headquarters have moved from for the former office in New York to Interstate Park off Fruitville Road in Sarasota. Its largest customer is the U.S. Department of Defense. Given the current level of security anxiety in this country and around the world, look for this company to grow.

For a complete list of the 137 companies that did make our list this year, read Pat Haire's story on page 86 of the January 2003 edition of SARASOTA Magazine, available at newsstands now.

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