Guide to Giving 2022

The power of giving circles. Plus: a guide to downtown Sarasota's condo boom, the art of the tattoo, and why have drug overdoses increased?

In this issue:

Arts & Entertainment

Group Project

A New Sarasota Art Museum Exhibit Brings Together Two Brother Artists and Hundreds of Residents

The exhibit includes nearly 500 artworks, objects and ephemera, including never-before-seen beaded landscapes and drawings.

09/19/2022 By Kay Kipling

Jam Out

Three Musical Acts We Love

Want to update your music catalog? Check out these three local acts.

09/12/2022 By Allison Forsyth and Chloé Cuyler

Eat & Drink

Restaurant Review

The New Korê Steakhouse Puts Diners in the Hot Seat

The restaurant, which opened in Waterside Place earlier this year, is one of Sarasota’s best.

09/16/2022 By Lauren Jackson

Fashion & Shopping

Skin Deep

The Art of the Tattoo

Sarasota, with its deep celebration of the arts, is flush with talented tattoo artists.

09/12/2022 By Lauren Jackson Photography by Everett Dennison

The New New Nostalgia

Early-2000s Style Is Back. Here's How to Wear It.

The ’90s were back, but now early-aughts fashion is the hot look. Here’s how to incorporate a little Y2K into your wardrobe.

09/12/2022 By Elizabeth Djinis

Health & Fitness

New Wave

Drug Overdoses Are Rising Again. Why?

There have been 134 overdoses in Sarasota and 309 in Manatee since just this May, and the numbers keep growing.

09/16/2022 By Allison Forsyth


How a Trip to the Hospital Sent Me Into the Dark Recesses of My Own Mind

Last fall, I walked into Sarasota Memorial Hospital under my own power. This is the story of what happened next.

09/09/2022 By Hannah Wallace

Home & Real Estate


A Guide to the Downtown Sarasota Condo Boom

From the Rosemary District to Golden Gate Point and the bayfront, Sarasota’s skyline will never be the same again.

09/12/2022 By Kim Doleatto

Only in Sarasota

Sarasota's Kress Building Was Built to Boost the Economy During the Depression

It’s one of the last remaining Art Deco landmarks in our area.

09/01/2022 By John Pirman

News & City Life

Strength in Numbers

Giving Circles Bring Together Like-Minded Philanthropists to Help Those in Need

The last 10 years have seen the creation of a number of giving circles—organizations that require an annual minimum donation and work together on a membership basis.

09/16/2022 By Elizabeth Djinis

Essential Intelligence

What to Know About Hispanic Heritage Month

This annual observance is meant to recognize the triumphs and struggles of Hispanic Americans throughout U.S. history.

09/12/2022 By Dariela Delgado


Here's What Mira Mar Plaza Looked Like in the 1920s

The dates from 1923, when a growing Sarasota realized it needed a new hotel.

09/12/2022 By Kay Kipling