Guide to Giving 2014

Super dogs to the rescue! Super dogs to the rescue! Plus, 418 great causes.

In this issue:

Arts & Entertainment

Thank You, Veterans

Patriot Plaza Salutes Veterans With Inspired Works of Art

At Sarasota's Patriot Plaza, unique works of art salute our veterans.

08/27/2014 By Kay Kipling Photography by Courtesy Patriot Plaza


A Day in the Life of Circus Arts Conservatory’s Dolly Jacobs

One day with Dolly Jacobs, co-founder of the Circus Arts Conservatory.

08/27/2014 By staff

News & City Life


Sarasota Magazine's 2014-2015 Giving Register

Presenting 418 local charities that help us all.

08/27/2014 By Hannah Wallace

Fair Food

A Sarasota Organization Brings Hope and Justice to Florida's Tomato Fields

After migrant workers successfully challenged some of the country’s most powerful corporations, a new Sarasota organization is bringing hope and justice to the state’s tomato fields.

08/27/2014 By Philippe Diederich


Southeastern Guide Dogs: A New Breed of Superhero

A Palmetto nonprofit is now producing some of the best guide dogs on earth. Adam Davies sniffs out the story.

08/27/2014 By Adam Davies


Mr. Chatterbox Hangs Out at Senior Friendship Center

Chatting, dancing, exercising, flirting—you name it; it’s all going on at Senior Friendship Center.

08/27/2014 By Bob Plunket


Sarasota Participates in Grade Level Reading Campaign

A new national program helps kids learn to read before it’s too late.

08/27/2014 By Hannah Wallace


Former NFL Player's New Nonprofit Works to End Bullying

Jones' nonprofit works to end bullying.

08/27/2014 By Kay Kipling


How Would Local Nonprofits Use $25,000 to Help the Homeless?

Local nonprofits weigh in; plus a cute campaign from the Pines of Sarasota and how Sarasota became the nation's giving-est city thanks to this year's Giving Challenge.

08/26/2014 By Chelsey Lucas


Charities Gain New Income Selling Products and Services

Seattle-based No Margin No Mission encourages charities to create products and services to make money; four Sarasota nonprofits took on the challenge.

08/26/2014 By Hannah Wallace


Honor Animal Rescue’s Michaela Oglesby Posts for Pets

The 18-year-old is in charge of the nonprofit's website and social media.

08/26/2014 By Kay Kipling


From the Editor: Sarasota Magazine's 2014 Guide to Giving

What you'll find in Sarasota Magazine's 2014 Guide to Giving.

08/26/2014 By Pam Daniel


On the Field With the Miracle League of Manasota

"Every child deserves to play baseball" is the league's simple, heartfelt credo.

08/26/2014 By Hannah Wallace


Sarasota's Woman's Exchange Donates to Arts Organizations

Sarasota's Woman's Exchange turns secondhand goods into gold for arts organizations.

08/26/2014 By Ilene Denton


Five Shopping Finds That Support Charities

Shopping that supports charities across the globe and right here at home.

08/26/2014 By Carol Tisch