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There's Another New Condo Project Headed to the Rosemary District

Boheme, a nine-unit, five-story condo project coming to Kumquat Court, is slated to break ground this year.

By Kim Doleatto March 15, 2024

Boheme will be located at 420 Kumquat Court.

Rosemary District is in perennial bloom. Genus: condominium. On the heels of the almost-finished Zahrada II, the soon-to-be-finished Villa Ballada and The Gallery (which will break ground soon) comes Boheme.

Smaller than the others, with just nine units compared to between 22 and 60, Boheme stands out because of its generous terrace spaces.

Boheme will have just less than 500 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor.

The building was designed by architectural firm Halflants + Pichette, which also has an address in the neighborhood. Architect Michael Halflants says what inspires their projects is simple. “I imagine living in it," he says. "Then you think about how you meet your neighbors, what type of volume should occupy the interior, how the light and shade enter, and how we can interact with the outside—all that generates a design." The firm also designed the other Rosemary District projects listed above.

There will be nine units, one marked for affordability.

On the 5,900-square-foot site, Boheme, located at 420 Kumquat Court, will be just north of Fourth Street and east of Kumquat Court. It will bring nine units, and one of them will be affordable. The nine-unit total come thanks to the Rosemary Residential Overlay District's affordable housing density bonus. Without the bonus, Boheme would have been just five units.

The affordable unit will target those who earn 80 percent of the area median income, which correlates to charging no more than $1,371 a month rent for a one-bedroom unit and no more than $1,645 a month for a two-bedroom. Whether they sell or rent is yet to be determined. The unit must remain affordable for at least 30 years.

Boheme will be five stories high and hugged by Villa Ballada, another condo project next door.

The owner-developer of Boheme, Karel Dudych, is also behind the Zahradas and Villa Ballada, which will hug Boheme. The building will be five stories on a 50-foot-wide lot, and an older two-story single-family home on the site will be cleared first.

It will include just less than 500 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor, which Halflants pictures a Boheme resident using for their business, since it won’t be a high-traffic facade, but will still have "high ceilings and lots of natural light," he says. The project will include one- and two-bedroom units. The two-bedroom condos will have terraces ranging from 230 to 330 square feet; one will have more than 500. The one-bedroom unit terraces will span 130 square feet. The unit interiors will vary from 500 to 1,300 square feet, each with 14-foot ceilings. 

Boheme is slated to break ground later this year.

Halflants expects a groundbreaking to take place in roughly eight months. Once that happens, it will take roughly 18 months to build. The cost of the units is still to be determined, but, according to Halflants, the market-rate units will to comparable to Villa Ballada’s, which hover around the $1 million mark. Access will be from the alley, which connects to Fourth Street and Boulevard of the Arts.

It's part of a collection of smaller, varied projects in the neighborhood, which "benefits good design and aligns with thoughtful urban planning that prioritizes walkability and facades that engage with their surroundings," Halflants says.

With so much of the quickly burgeoning area being taken up by condo and mixed-use projects, is there any room left for more growth? "It's remarkable to check out Google Earth images of the neighborhood from 10 years ago and see how much it has changed, but it still has plenty of growth opportunities," Halflants says. "I hope that as it grows there will be fewer enormous projects that take over an entire block."

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