If you frequent Lido Key, you may have waved at the pirate from her balcony perch before. Standing 6 feet tall, the statue keeps a steady eye on every sunrise and sunset over the Gulf of Mexico. Purchased roughly three years ago by the homeowner, the pirate has hung out there long enough that when the owner steps out, he’s often dubbed "the pirate house guy.”

But now that title can be yours. The house is on the market for just $10 million, and she’s included. After all, it’s only fitting that “pirate house guy” is setting off on the high seas.

Also known as Michael Lentini, the pirate house guy bought the roughly 5,117-square-foot house for $2.7 million in 2017 when he saw it being built from his original home down the street. Designed by award-winning local firm DSDG Architects, he was drawn to the new home's unique design. At the time he regarded the three-story, Art Deco-style address his “forever home”—but apparently the short walk to the water’s edge just wasn’t close enough.

Lentini, who recently retired, says, “I need to put my dream to work and get a house truly on the waterfront. I just bought an 88-foot sailing yacht to sail the world, and it’s going to be my new home. I’ll never have to move again. I'll just pick up the anchor and go.”

His plans are to head to the Caribbean first, then to Europe and then Fiji.

What isn’t included in the sale is Lentini’s car collection. One of the home’s amenities is a 12-car garage—a rarity in a single-family home so close to the beach. Unloading his car bounty to prepare for the voyage ahead, Lentini has either sold them or has some out on consignment. Among the collection was an SF90 Stradale—Ferrari’s newest hybrid—plus three other Ferrari models, a Hummer, an Aston Martin and a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

The garage has a 10,000 lb. car lift and five garage doors, including one that’s 12 feet high and another that’s 14 feet high for an RV or boat. The two higher doors are both made of hurricane-proof glass and "cost roughly $150,000 altogether. Only nut people like me would do that,” he says.

The garage was also a workshop for Lentini, who also has a pilot license. “I’ve always been into anything moved or operated by an engine,” he says.

“I found something in the ‘80s called computers. It was new every week and kept my attention and I stayed with it. And eventually, I bought a plane repair center, and me and a friend wrote a tracking software program for the shop that helped keep track of inventory and maintenance," he says of his company, DatcoMedia, which eventually sold.

"At the time, none of the airlines knew how much equipment they owned. Southwest Airlines was our first major carrier in 2011," he says.

DatcoMedia was a little different from Lentini's job in the '70s, when he worked for Club Med as “a picnic instructor,” he says. An innocuous title, it actually meant he "had to find enough people to get naked and eat together on this nude island,” he says. “It was during the sex revolution of the ‘70s–not like today, and it cost about $750 a week at the time."

Maybe that’s when Lentini was imbued with the pirate spirit that led him to seek a home by the sea—then on the sea—today.

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