Opting for zero yard maintenance with condo or apartment living frees up more time for the beach—but if you're missing some greenery, low-maintenance gardening is a great option.

Brian Cresanto, manager of Your Farm & Garden in Sarasota, shares his favorite hearty, fuss-free container plants that can bring a dash of life to your balcony this summer. Some attract butterflies, and others add flavor to your favorite dishes. 

Some other tips from Cresanto:

  • Use at least a 10- by 12-inch container to retain moisture, since smaller containers dry out faster and need more watering. 
  • Plastic containers hold moisture better than terracotta or clay varieties, which tend to dry out faster.
  • Use an organic, high-end potting soil along with a time-release fertilizer that breaks down with each watering. Most last for about six months, so they're perfect for those who spend the summer outside of Sarasota, Cresanto says.
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