This “time capsule” home in Bradenton is a little goldmine for anybody who is curious about the way our grandparents used to live in Florida. It was built by the Floyd family back in 1928 and still exists mostly intact, filled with the furniture and memorabilia of a century of comfortable, unpretentious small-town life.

It’s a big place—six bedrooms, three baths, set on a half-acre lot—and includes a detached “guest house” complete with kitchen. The style is that of a four-square prairie house with some extra touches: dramatic stone pillars and chimney, a classic screened porch, and even an elevator. It definitely has the air of upper middle class prosperity. Check out the great big old swimming pool, which must have been quite the place back in the day.

The home is being sold completely furnished. The décor is classic Southern—Victorian chairs and settees, dark mahogany tables and chests, plus a lot of later “fill-ins” that pretty much document the history of 20th century furniture. The location is perfect; it’s one of the crown jewels of the Wares Creek neighborhood, where vintage homes predominate and are being renovated right and left.

Still, I must say I’m a little stumped by this house. What would you do with it? Remodel it? Try and keep the quirky charm? At any rate, it’s a part of Florida history that has all but disappeared, so take a good look. We won’t see its like again any time soon.

804 22nd St. W., Bradenton, is priced at $427,000. For more info call Bob Grant, Jr. of All Brokers Realty at (941) 920-5551.

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