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Nine Easy DIY Ways to Freshen Up Your Home

Interior designers Cristi Martel and Tori Wansley dish on some industry secrets that can make your home feel more up-to-date.

By Hanna Powers August 8, 2019


Have you gotten swept up in the HGTV “fixer-upper” frenzy? Want to take action in your own space? We went on the hunt for easy solutions to help spruce up our interiors. Cristi Martel and Tori Wansley, interior designers at Sarasota's Chic on the Cheap, share some of their creative DIY ideas:

  • Take an old piece of wood furniture (it could be something you find at a yard sale or consignment shop) and paint it with a pop of color. You can purchase furniture paint that is tinted to the color of your choice—no sanding required!
  • An easy trick that can make a big impact is adding wood trim to your walls. You can create faux wainscoting, add beadboard or create an interesting pattern on the wall, then paint it one color.
  • You can also use flat stock trim and create frames on the walls with it and finish it off by painting the insides of the frame in a different color. Take it up a notch and place pictures inside these cool colored frames you have created. (This also works great on a blank stairway wall.)
  • Add a small piece of trim a few inches above your existing baseboard, then paint the trim and wall the same color as your baseboards. This gives the illusion of a larger baseboard.
  • For an inexpensive shiplap look, use plywood. Cut down the sheet of plywood to the desired width, then sand and apply it to your walls with a nail gun. You can use pennies or nickels to place between your boards to make sure you get the same spacing throughout. Fill in the nail holes and paint the wood whatever color you like.
  • Add a frame to a plain sheet mirror in your bathroom to make it look more finished.
  • For that rustic farmhouse style, take a piece of distressed wood, glue a few glass vases to it and add some greenery and white flowers for a great custom centerpiece.
  • Do you have a guest bedroom that rarely gets used? Find a small pedestal table, paint it black and have your children or furry children put their handprints on it in a few paint colors. This will be a keepsake and a one-of-a-kind piece you will treasure for years to come.
  • Take a bunch of different-sized frames and paint them all the same color. Set them on a boldly painted wall and watch the wall come to life with a unique pattern.
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