If you’re thinking of a career change, here’s the perfect opportunity: a bamboo farm!

It’s located on 5.6 acres just off Fruitville, several miles east of I-75. You’ll find all sorts of bamboo under cultivation, some in pots and tubs, and others planted right in the ground. There’s a simple and very cute little house—just 700 square feet—for you to live in after a hard day of cultivating your crop, plus a barn and several outbuildings. 

One of the best things about being a bamboo farmer is that you can actually sit there and watch it grow. Some species grow an inch and a half an hour. And if you have an entrepenurial bent, just think of the possibilities. Bamboo is used for construction (it has the tensile strength of steel), food, textiles, weapons, fishing rods, musical instruments, not to mention the flooring you see in many upscale Sarasota homes.

Some Asian cultures say humanity first appeared from a bamboo shoot. It’s traditionally the symbol of a gentleman, and this farm would be perfect for a gentleman bamboo farmer. Zoning allows you to build a larger home on the property, and you can also add a guest house. The location adjoins the Founders Club. It’s a unique “only in Sarasota” property.

142 Debrecen Road is priced at $650,000. For more information call Carla Rayman of Coldwell Banker at (941) 724-0519.

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