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For the fourth year, the Center for Architecture Florida is highlighting important Florida buildings in daily October emails. Here’s a look back at some featured last year. To sign up for this year’s Building a Day emails, visit

Galloway’s Furniture Store, Sarasota; architect Victor Lundy; 1959

This much-awarded building, now remodeled beyond recognition, is said to be inspired by the petals and shape of a morning glory.

Uhr Studio, Sarasota; architects William Rupp and Joseph Farrell; 1962

A modest art studio and guesthouse (budget $12,000) went on to win international awards. Only the base of the home remains in its present location.

Futuro House, Pensacola Beach; architect Matti Suuronen; 1970

A prefabricated home initially designed for use as a ski cabin and intended to be mass-produced as inexpensive housing.

The Pink House, Miami; Architect Arquitectonica; 1977

Arquitectonica’s first completed work, the 7,000-square-foot-home introduced a new era of vibrant Art Deco and Modernist architecture to Miami.

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