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Five Terrific Design Trends From Skylar Sostack

Recessed ceiling lighting, induction cooktops that fit under the countertop, and olive trees.

With Skylar Sostack February 10, 2017

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 Skylar Sostack is a design associate at Tidmore-Henry & Associates.

Making an Entrance

"Entrances are the first impression of a home. The main goal is to entice guests and set the tone for your interior. The bigger the statement the better."

Skylar sostack wood accents prq1hn

Wood Accents

"When designing a room that is very modern or industrial, I like to balance out the harsh, cold materials with a natural, cordial element. Introducing wood accents sets a harmonious sensation to a space." 

Skylar sostack purelighting lvkbwm

Pure Lighting - Plaster-In LED System

"I’m enamored by this innovative lighting design. It creates an important statement in any interior with its seamless and flexible features. Recessed into the drywall, it brings form and dimension to life and serves as a perfect accent element. Diversity is prominent in design, which this system achieves as it can be used dramatically to minimally in a space." 

Skylar sostack olivetree hihj5a

Olive Tree 

"The iconic fiddle leaf fig is out, so say hello to the historic evergreen olive tree plant. I love the whimsical look of this plant with its rugged lance-shaped leaves. Against a light solid color wall it creates a fine contrast playing with negative and positive space." 

Skylar sostack induction cooktop vtck1p

Induction Cooktops

If you’re like me and you love to cook, this efficient and safe cooktop is the way to go. Its sleek minimal design would look attractive in any kitchen. Induction cooktops will even function under certain countertops, such as porcelain, making them disappear completely.

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