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Five Intriguing Design Trends for the New Year from Carrie Riley

New ideas in glass shower enclosures, stair designs and more.

With Carrie Riley December 28, 2016

Carrie L. Riley of Riley Interior Design has more than 18 years of experience with high-end design concentrated in the residential field, interior yacht design, as well as boutique, commercial, and sports venue design.

Carrie riley textured wallpaper rpvphd

"Textured walls can transform a space entirely: creating a focal point, adding character, creating a dramatic effect and giving depth to an otherwise flat and plain surface. One beautiful way to create texture is through wallcoverings, which have come a long way; it ain't your grandma’s paper anymore, folks. More ways: back-painted glass adhering to a wall by stand-offs (throw in some back lighting and you are on another level of drama), the creative use of tiles, stacked stone, stacked wood planks, reclaimed wood boards, split-faced brick and specialty wall boards with creatively carved designs implemented into the material. These are the things that drive our 'design high' as interior designers. Shown here, Soelbergi Industries wallcovering." 

Carrie riley stair 2 ges64f

Image: Design Boom

"Stairs have always played a major role in design. Typically, their main purpose is purely function—getting from point A to point B. Of late, however we have seen a 'rise' in dynamic design, interesting detail and use of various materials to make a statement. We are seeing an element of surprise in the approach of "floating stairs" and the mystery of the engineering involved in cantilevered stair details. Stairs are a fundamental detail that have now grown into an interesting focal feature." 

Carrie riley lighting oca6iy

"For us as professional interior designers, lighting has always held an honored role as 'the jewelry of the space.' So it’s always an exploration to find new, interesting and innovatively designed ways to use and display lighting to create drama and to potentially be the main source of light. The use of glass in lighting keeps the fixture feeling airy, light and promotes a more illuminated feel from the fixture itself." 

Carrie riley shower enclosure 1 psmsfl

"For the last few years we interior designers have lived by the rules of seamless, frameless and all-glass shower enclosures. While this design style still reigns, the concept of adding a bit more character to specific enclosures has risen. If implemented in the proper setting, space and design style, giving the enclosure itself its own flair with metalwork and glass-pane design can create a dynamic visual statement." 

Carrie riley railings mhx0a4

 "Interior stair railing and exterior/balcony railing designs have come a long way from your standard white painted wood baluster, handrail and newel post, thanks to interesting metalwork, wood and glass."

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