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5 Great Design Finds from Patricia Estes of Pecky Interiors

A knockout iron chandelier, horn hardware and more.

With Patricia Estes October 7, 2016

Patricia Estes is co-owner of Pecky, a home furnishings boutique in downtown Sarasota. Here's what she's crushing on right now.

John derian tray patty estes wlp74t

"At Pecky, we love to finish a room off with a handmade piece from the John Derian Company. Derian’s expertise in collecting vintage prints, designs or quotes seems to match up with anyone’s style. His larger decoupage trays are wall art; his smaller trays hold your most precious jewels overnight. They make a fabulous gift."

Christopher spitzmiller lamps ulkwo1

"Christopher Spitzmiller is 'the pottery artist to the stars,' and there is nothing to compare with his expert design and the gorgeous craftsmanship of his superb glaze and shapes created in his Manhattan studio. He is renowned for the depth of color in his glazes, and gold leaf lamp bases, along with a multitude of fun and fashionable shapes. There are lamp lovers of the world, and you can bet they probably own a Christopher Spitzmiller."

Horn hardware nnjpir

"This horn hardware is unsurpassable. Such great depth of styles, and design, along with adding a superb finishing touch to any cabinet, piece of furniture, or even a back-of-door hook for your bathrobe."

Ironware international chandelier tky7ns

"What’s not to love about Ironware International? The French craftsmanship and exquisite design style are available in too many finish choices to mention."

Duke sofa oajpau

"Tom Verellen designs upholstered pieces that are a leap ahead, and his Verellen home furnishings line offers each client so many custom choices to make each and every piece their very own. Shown here is the Duke sofa."

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