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Design Consultant Joe Clark Shares 5 Favorite Design Trends

White bathrooms, black kitchens, wild agate and more.

With Joe Clark September 9, 2016

Joe Clark works with Mark Dalton at Mark Dalton, Inc. and Chic on the Cheap Sarasota, Inc., both Sarasota-based interior design firms. Here's what he's loving right now. 

"As designers, we are inspired by the world around us.  As we take in all of this inspiration, we find ways we can translate them into design. Here are just a few of our favorite things."

Wild agate gnlkep

Wild Agate

"Exotic precious stone from Israel—who could help but be inspired by something so beautiful?  Custom made when you order it to become the surface for any cabinet or room you can dream up. We love it."

White bathroom c91grf

White Bathrooms

"Every time you step into a hotel (at least the ones I use when I travel), it brings a sense of calm. A lot of that has to do with how crisp and “fresh” the space feels—clean, uncluttered, with white linens. Bring this into your home in the form of an all-white bathroom. If going white, then why not marble all the way to the ceiling?"

Black kitchen qxu9io

Black Kitchens

"Simple, elegant, while adding drama. Yes, a black kitchen on the beach. It’s unexpected and unpredictable yet maintains the look and feel of old Hollywood. It’s a classic style that can be at home in any setting. Who says just because you live on the water that you have to install a white kitchen? Not us."

Glass railings   102 s. hibiscus dr. miami zzyltk

Glass Railings

"Not just for modern homes, glass railings are a perfect complement to any architectural style and can help modernize any look, just like this Spanish-style home with a modern twist."

Porshce silhouette krymve


"While you may think this has nothing to do with design, in all reality it has everything to do with it. This iconic auto has been virtually unchanged since its conception. It has been modernized over the years, but it is a perfect example of great design and why we are crushing on it.  Simple, elegant, classic, while still being modern and relevant throughout the generations."

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