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Want to Have a Bromeliad Named After You?

Find out how at the Bromeliad Show and Sale Sept. 9-11.

By Ilene Denton August 26, 2016

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One lucky auction winner at the 2016 Bromeliad Show and Sale will get a newly created bromeliad named after him or her, thanks to Sarasota Bromeliad Society past president Ray Lemieux, shown here.

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Ray Lemieux

Lemieux has created a new cultivar of the popular plant by cross-breeding. “Because I created it, I have the right to name it after anyone I choose,” he says. “The auction winner can name the plant after a loved one, or anyone else; it’s entirely up to them. It’s a hardy cross, so I suspect it will product many offsets. And who knows, it might live on forever.”

The Bromeliad Show and Sale will take place Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 9-11 at the Sarasota Garden Club, 1131 Boulevard of the Arts. This year’s theme is “Bewitching Bromeliads.” Visit sarasotabromeliadsociety.org for details.

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