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6 Elegant Inspirations from Designer Sally Trout

The Sarasota designer shares six spot-on design trends.

With Sally Trout May 20, 2016

We asked longtime Sarasota interior designer Sally Trout to share some of her current design inspirations. Here’s what she told us.

Hand painted umbrellas r7av6g

 “I’m crushing on these Hedge Row hand-painted umbrellas. They’ll illuminate your outdoor space with vibrant colors and sophisticated patterns—truly unique.”

Lin dining table slate oak 04 lx5ece
Avery chair   espresso walnut purple upholstery  02 c79vsb


 “I’m drawn to the unmatched timeless design and exquisite craftsmanship of the Lin dining table and Avery chair, made by Hellman/Chang in Brooklyn. Classic!”  


Capri chandelier iak5kw

“This limited edition Capri chandelier by Allan Knight was inspired by nature, and includes rock crystals and citrine stones.  A truly stunning statement piece for a very special space.”   


Donghia prickly pear fabric resized xbtskz


“This Prickly Pear fabric from Donghia is a modern take on embroidery applique that is bold and playful.”

Donghia wallpaper wwhpzt

 “This Armani/Casa wall covering from Donghia will create an impeccable and elegant background, with a large scale contemporary palm pattern in luxurious silk, adding depth to subtle interiors.”

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