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Five Great Finds from Designer Kimberly Doucette

Interior designer Kimberly Doucette shares five fab home trends.

By Kimberly Doucette April 7, 2016

Interior designer Kimberly Doucette of Environmental Interiors Designs Studio in Sarasota shared with us these five design trends she’s crushing on these days.

Origami chair coexwl

"I’m loving the mix of metals this year. I can’t help but be drawn to the copper popping up in everything from nail colors to wine labels to watches, and of course in the home. One of my more recent finds is the Real Good Chair by Blu Dot—a copper-plated, laser-cut chair that screams modern, edgy and amazing. I have one in my home and friends always say, 'I love that chair.' It ships flat and folds into the most awesome furniture origami you will ever do."

Corrugated cardboard light fixture k3wfer

"Lighting out of repurposed corrugated cardboard. I have been crushing on these guys for a while now—two Seattle architects decided to embrace responsible design, materials and production by playing with their creativity. Their company, Graypants, makes cardboard pendant lights called scraplights. I keep going back to see their latest designs and I am never disappointed."

Hydroponic herb garden uu9n7y

"Plants in a space make me feel good, relaxed, happy and like a little bit of the outdoors is inside with me, so my curiosity as a designer keeps me researching and reviewing 'living walls.' (If one house plant can purify the air in a 10x10 room, what could a wall of plants do?) Eco Walls is a company that offers vertical plant wall designs, including a hydroponic fresh herb and greens garden that hangs and sustains itself right from your kitchen wall."

Recycled coconut wall finish fbtn9b

"I have a weakness for a good wall finish made of natural materials. These coconut tiles by Kirei come in various styles and cool finishes that work fantastically for backsplashes, accent walls or as custom insets for furniture and cabinets. I love that they are reclaimed coconut shells that remain after harvesting and that they are made without harmful adhesives and finishes."

Neutral colors o6nnve

 "This year’s trend of whites and pastel shades has me feeling very comfy and relaxed. I have been using a lot of the soft blues and blush tones that blend seamlessly into the neutral whites, creams and grays that dominate interiors this year. Where am I using these subtle colors? From fabrics to seating to tables. They work especially well when contrasted against strong textures, shapes, and perfect lighting."

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