For Sale: Aquadisia Hits the Market with $18 Million Asking Price

It's currently the most expensive home for sale in Sarasota County.

By Robert Plunket January 20, 2016

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Here is a house so unique that it not only has a name—Aquadisia, with its suggestive hint of “aphrodisia”—but also its own logo, which is embedded in the tread of the circular staircase. It represents something unusual in residential architectural today: the aesthetics of branding. It looks like its part of a luxury cosmetics line—and I mean that as a compliment.

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As a design scheme it takes as its model the ultra-hip hotels that make modern day Miami Beach so interesting. Every little detail is carefully and lavishly thought out. They’re all calculated to wow the visitor by creating a post modern fantasy that’s totally up to the minute and visually arresting, with one jaw-dropping tableaux after another.

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An example: the glass cube. It’s exactly what it sounds like—a room with walls and ceiling of glass. You walk through before you enter the home and it really has no purpose other than to alter your mood and perceptions.

All over the almost five-acre property there are other such features that also demand that you pay attention and study them. I particularly like the circular labyrinth, which suggests one of those mazes you come across in English country houses, only this one is just a couple of inches high so you can’t get lost.

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And check out the acre of so of symmetrically planted palms, the glass massage room, the various pools and fountains (one of which travels under the house) and the wall of glass down which water cascades.

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Inside things are pretty dramatic, too. To keep everything from getting too white and bright a lot of wood is used. And the attention to detail is amazing. The tub in the master bath is completely round and the knobs are hidden; the water pours down from the ceiling. The shower is next to it. It has no enclosure; the water just pours from the ceiling onto the floor.

Aquadisia has an unusual history. It was originally designed in 1999 by Guy Peterson but in the ensuing years it has been re-thought by two different owners, both of whom made fortunes in consumer marketing. I have a feeling that this self-confidence in their own vision is what makes the house so remarkable. There’s nothing else like it in town—maybe even in Florida.

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With a price of $18 million, it’s the most expensive listing in Sarasota County. It’s located behind the gates of the Sanderling Club on Siesta Key and it has an unheard of 550 feet of Gulf front. For more information call Kim Ogilvie of Michael Saunders and Co. at (941) 376-1717.

For more about Aquadisia’s gardens, check out this very perceptive article by Ilene Denton. And here’s a promotional video.

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