For Sale: Ashton Road Bungalow

This week, Bob Plunket takes us inside a bungalow in the "Maine Colony" at the west end of Ashton Road.

By Robert Plunket March 31, 2015

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If the west end of Ashton Road has always looked a little peculiar to you, there’s a reason. It was known as the Maine Colony back in the old days, when early snowbirds from Maine built a group of bungalows they’d use to escape the cold winters. Many of these homes are still there, some fixed up and charming, some falling into a state of disrepair.

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An unfortunate bathroom remodel from the '70s.

This home at 2525 Ashton could be charming, if you’re prepared for a lot of work. The exterior has a nice look to it, and the interior still has a lot of original touches, like the wood floors and many of the original window frames. Various remodels and updates over the years have given it a confusing layout, though, and a general air of shabbiness has taken over. Still, it’s pretty roomy for an old cottage—three bedrooms and a large living room with a fireplace.

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Outbuildings, which include a rentable apartment.

There are several outbuildings in the back yard, including a rentable cottage and a couple of sheds. Best of all, the lot is enormous, over an acre, and is configured so you can build a whole other house on it.

It’s priced at $270,000. For more information call Tom Waters of Coldwell Banker at (941) 921-4434.

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