Labor Day in Arcadia

By Robert Plunket September 5, 2012

I went to Arcadia over Labor Day weekend and I must say, what a quiet, peaceful place it is. Compared to Sarasota it’s another world entirely, like a cattle town in Texas that time forgot. I don’t think it’s doing too well financially. Three different antique dealers refused to take credit cards, so as to save the commission.


It’s much closer to Sarasota than you would think, just 37 miles. (I hope they clear that alligator carcass that was in the middle of S.R. 72.) I actually know people who live there, very sophisticated people, who apparently revel in the sleepy atmosphere. I’m not sure it’s for me, but if it was, I would certainly buy one of the big, century-old houses that dot the downtown area.

A Queen Anne Victorian home for sale in Arcadia.

A fireplace and high ceilings are focal points in the living room.

Wood floors throughout.

Here’s a wonderful example. Built in 1910, it’s a great Queen Anne Victorian with wide verandahs and over half an acre of land. It’s got four bedrooms and two baths, in just over 3,000 square feet. It appears to be in pretty good condition, with this part and then that part remodeled over the years. Among the period details: stained glass and leaded windows, two fireplaces, and enormously high ceilings even in the bathrooms. There’s a separate two-car garage.

This home, which I unfortunately misplaced the address for, is priced at $214,900, expensive for Arcadia these days. It’s listed by Peter Andres; you can call him at (941) 629-3188. And if that’s too pricey, you can go much cheaper. Mr. Andres also has a nice listing for $49,900. It’s a large (over 2,000 square feet) bungalow. It was supposedly built in 1945, but it looks more like 1925 to me. Like the Queen Anne, it’s got four bedrooms and two baths.

This home is for sale for $49,900.

Check out the intricate woodwork.

By the way, does anybody know any good restaurants in Arcadia? Does anybody know any restaurants in Arcadia? It would make a much nicer day trip if there was a place to eat other than Burger King.

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