By Robert Plunket September 14, 2011

I’ve always loved this house but it’s been way out of my price range. They keep reducing it, though, and now it’s an incredible bargain. If you’re looking for a big, elegant home in a gorgeous setting, this may be the one—it’s down to $525,000. (That’s what I sold my shabby 1,100-square-foot bungalow for back in 2005.)

It’s located on the Sarabay golf course, set far back from the street, on an enormous lot. It’s big—3,200 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3 and a half baths—and was decorated by top-notch designer Judy Graham. The finishes are very high end, with tumbled marble floors, enormous rooms, new kitchen, lots of walled gardens, a pool enclosed by a clipped hedge. The paneled library is perfection.

Stylistically, this house dates to just before the wave of Mediterranean revival that so innundated the landscape. Consequently it seems a little more tasteful, a little more “old money” than most of its competitors.

The neighborhood, frankly, is hit or miss.  There are some beautiful homes on the golf course (of which this is in the top three) but many of the neighbors are 1970s ranches in the $150,000 price range. But don’t worry about the proximity of the airport—it’s not intrusive.

For more info call the agent, Martie Lieberman, at (941) 724-1118.

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