By staff October 1, 2008

Back to Nature

Need a new look for your lighting? The naturalist trend is red hot, according to the style experts at Franklin Lighting. Naturalist shades and light fixtures employ a more modern, organic style, using a faded, neutral palette and layering textures and soft patterns to create a calm, natural feel. Blending elements found in nature—warm woods, metals, natural fibers and grasses—with textiles in muted neutrals and organic patterns gives an informal, comfortable style that encourages a connection to nature. Metal or woven rattan shades with natural fiber liners create soft, warm pools of light. Relaxed and airy, the naturalist look is a smart choice for homes—and homeowners—all about comfort and quiet style.

Stand-Out Aesthetic

A cool lifestyle look is very important to today’s sophisticated Sarasota consumer, which is why so many Suncoast sophisticates are personalizing their aesthetic at First Street’s Envie. Homemade décor is ramping up to ensure everyone a shot at originality. There’s an emphasis on graphic design, bold, energetic colors, and patterns and textures that keep the eyes moving. Suede, fringe and ruffles are all part of a look that resists blending into the walls. In other words, they stand out.

International Showroom

Home Resource continues to establish itself as one of the leading contemporary furniture showrooms on Florida’s west coast. Representing the best of contemporary furniture produced in North America as well as Europe, Home Resource was recently described as “one of the most exciting contemporary furniture stores this side of Miami” in Sarasota Magazine’s annual Platinum issue. Exclusive lines have expanded to include Adriana Hoyos from Ecuador, MOOOI from the Netherlands, Gamma International, Gyform, Ciacci and other lines from Italy, as well as Knoll and Arktura from the United States. Visit the ever-changing showroom at Home Resource to see new arrivals and design ideas.

Green Lights

Energy saving is a big issue in today’s world—not to mention today’s economy. People are looking for green products to help them save money in lighting. Light Up Your Life offers exciting new and innovative products as well as home lighting systems that help your household’s overall energy efficiency. For example, LED decorative lamps and wall mounts are not only energy efficient; they create very little waste. The life span of a single LED extends beyond 125 standard light bulbs. Plus, low heat production and zero UV emissions make LED lighting suitable for displaying precious artwork.

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