The same attributes that caused U.S. News and World Report to name Sarasota the No. 1 place to retire in 2018 and Gallup Healthways in 2015 to rate us the No. 1 city for well-being encourage healthy behavior. The moderate climate keeps us outdoors and active; world-class artistic and educational experiences stimulate our minds; a burgeoning foodie scene with loads of fresh, farm-to-table options and top-quality restaurants of every ethnic persuasion make healthy eating easy. (Don’t take our word for this; Conde Nast Traveler named Sarasota one of the nation’s top small food cities in 2016.) And everywhere you look, there are friendly neighbors with a welcoming attitude who say if you want to help better our community, jump right in.

We’ve scouted out all sorts of ways to refresh and revive your body, mind and soul in our city. Let’s get going.

In This Feature:

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