Survey: 76 Percent of Floridians Are More Comfortable Traveling Now

A new report shows that traveler confidence has surged from 40 percent in Q1 to 76 percent in Q3.

By Staff July 22, 2021

Traveler confidence is soaring, according to a new AAA Travel survey from late June. According to the data, three-quarters of Floridians (76 percent) feel more comfortable traveling now than they did three months ago. AAA Travel says that over the course of its past three quarterly surveys, residents’ comfort level has significantly increased as their concern about Covid-19 waned.

The top reasons that Floridians feel more confident traveling are that they've received their Covid-19 vaccination; are more confident in safety measures being implemented; and are more knowledgeable about how the virus spreads. Of those who are already or plan to be vaccinated, 56 percent say travel was a motivating factor in doing so. Click here to view the full survey results.

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