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Five Simple Ways to Ease Your Body and Mind

We've rounded up five products that encourage you to linger in a chill moment a little longer.

By Heather Dunhill February 10, 2021

Even—or maybe especially—in the pandemic, when we've been forced to slow down, many of us feel guilty taking time to ease our body and mind. But experts say that the body and mind need self-care just as much as they need food for fuel. Not only does taking time for yourself support overall well-being, it helps you perform at your best. We rounded up together five products that encourage you to linger in a chill moment longer.

Naturopathica Chill.

Naturopathica Chill

With all the options out there, it's difficult to tell these days which CBD products deliver. I. hereby attest to the efficacy of Naturopathica’s Chill balm ($76). This award-winning, full-spectrum CBD balm, featuring 100mg of non-psychoactive and isolate free cannabinoids. Formulated with CBD that has been CO2-extracted from organically cultivated, USA-grown hemp flowers. Within minutes, the muscles melt and the effect is long-lasting. Skin and Body Bar, 3932 Swift Road, Suite A, Sarasota (941) 343-7459

Ravi Weighted Square.

RAVI Compact Weighted Blankets

We’ve heard about the grounding and calming benefits of a weighted blankets, but this one is portable and comes in three sizes and weights (starting at $65.99). It’s perfect for everything from meditation to yoga practice—think: savasana. And it’s comforting for those with PTSP, stress or anxiety. Check out the blog on the many ways you can put RAVI to use.

DogStreet Cookies

The American Kennel Club touts science-based benefits of having a dog to help us cope with crisis and relieve stress. Take time to connect with your furkid and treat them to locally homemade DogStreet Cookies ($6.75).

Kim Longstreet, owner of DogStreet Photography—who takes endearing portraits of your pets—got creative during the pandemic and expanded her biz to include her carrot cake cookies for pups with whole ingredients: oats, carrots from our local Homestead Hydroponic Farm, apple sauce, peanut butter, coconut and egg. You can order them from the farm’s online site and pick-up Wednesdays or Saturdays at Indigenous restaurant, along with other fresh veg and sundries.

Bertha Palmer Tea from Local Tea Company.

Local Tea Company

One of the simplest ways to unplug a busy mind is a cup of tea. And it can also ease the body. Like, Local Tea Company’s Bertha Palmer caffeine-free tea ($9.), which is a blend of soothing herbals such as rooibos, licorice root, fennel, peppermint, cinnamon, and lemon verbena. Or try one of their green teas ($9.), a longtime favorite of Buddhists monks because it’s said to keep your mind relaxed and calm., (941) 726-1660

This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak.

This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak

When was the last time you treated yourself to a hot bath? It’s a form of self-care with expansive benefits such as relieving muscle tension, lowering blood pressure and blood sugar, improve blood circulation, reduces headaches, moisturizes skin and, it helps you fall asleep faster. Enter: This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak ($33) that contains soothing lavender and vetivert salts to help you get a good night's sleep and that will pamper the body and help still the mind. Bluemercury, 1500 Main Street, Sarasota. (941) 365-0020

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