Office jobs can be tough for many reasons--not in the least because of the stiffness that builds up in your body after hours spent sitting at a desk, bending your neck to talk on the phone or hunched over your keyboard. 

So how do you alleviate that tension?

We asked Liana Sheintal Bryant,  director of yoga at Rosemary Court in downtown Sarasota, to share a few yoga poses to help push the reset button on your body and mind in less than 10 minutes. Bryant is an experienced yoga instructor who's passionate about her practice and sharing with others how to use yoga to help out their bodies and minds.

"When you experience the little aches and pains you get from sitting at your desk for a long time, your mind won’t be as focused on your work because you're thinking about those discomforts," Bryant explains. "If you incorporate these poses into your work day, you can focus more on your job, rather than thinking about the achiness you feel." 

When you're feeling stressed or you've hit that mid-afternoon slump (3 p.m. coffee break, anyone?!), Bryant recommends setting aside the work for a few minutes and completing these stretches. Before beginning the sequence, Bryant encourages taking some deep breaths to bring you into a place where you can (momentarily) clear your mind of all work-related tasks and begin to feel rejuvenated.

 It's not mandatory to do these poses in order, but Bryant demonstrates them in a sequence she says will be beneficial for everyone who gives it a go. Each pose is designed to stretch the neck, shoulders, hips and back. Namaste!

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