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A Day in the Life of Bodybuilder Jason Huh

Bodybuilder Jason Huh is a fitness guru, marketer and social media star.

By Pam Daniel Photography by Robert Castro May 31, 2016 Published in the June 2016 issue of Sarasota Magazine

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Chances are you've never heard of Jason Huh. Unless, that is, you’re one of his 1 million Facebook and 560,000 Instagram fitness-loving followers. Huh, 31, is a pro bodybuilder with a string of major titles. But a few years ago, turned off by the sport’s unhealthy excesses, he decided to seek a different path. Today, he owns downtown’s Elite smoothie shop, but his real career is as a fitness guru and marketer. Along with inspirational pictures of himself, Huh posts motivational rants and sells athletic clothing with terse slogans (“Savage,” “Murder It”) to his fans. Though he bills himself as “animal athlete,” Huh is actually an introvert with an artistic bent—he designs the graphics on his T-shirts—and a family man who spends his days surrounded by his wife, Jessica, and three young children (Milaan, 8, Angelina, 3, and Leo, 10 weeks). 

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 10:13 a.m. “I’m posting on social media while my wife, Jessica, home schools our kids. I knew pictures of my physique would get attention, but that isn’t all the fitness community wants. I give them training, nutrition and motivational tips.”


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 11:02 a.m. “Jessica and I are researching new products, reordering, and putting out fires. She was a figure model when I met her; she’s the love of my life.”

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 11:44 a.m. “I worked as a chef for six years, but I realized I wanted to be immersed in an environment of fitness and health. The smoothie shop is not a big moneymaker but it allows me the flexibility to train and focus on being a bodybuilder.”  

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11:58 a.m. “I’m bringing the kids smoothies. We live downtown near the shop. I want a life where everything is integrated, and working at home surrounded by my family is important to me.” 

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2:32 p.m. “I’m at our warehouse in Northgate, inventorying T-shirts. We design, manufacture and ship them ourselves—anywhere from 5,000 to 8,000 a month. I’m also developing my own supplement line.”

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4:21 p.m. “That’s my dad, Won Huh. He’s a trainer at the Y. I call him the monk. He’s dedicated his entire life to mastering his craft and is extremely disciplined and focused. I always want to emulate those characteristics.” 

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5:05 p.m. “When I competed, I weighed 300—now I’m 260. Being an excessive size is taxing to your heart and can look freakish and turn people off. But I still need to look inspirational—if I look too attainable I’ll lose followers.”

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6:35 p.m. “We’re at Blu Kouzina. I’m ordering the prawns—I love their fresh seafood. We eat dinner out about once a week—and we always include our kids. We don’t do anything without them.” 

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11:30 p.m. “I’m often cooking late at night. Bodybuilders need to eat every few hours. I’ve always been a night owl. My brain starts racing with ideas. I’ll sit with my laptop until 2, 3, maybe 4, looking out at the city and contemplating.”

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