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Father's Day Gifts For the 'Do-Gooder' Dad

This year, we've put together an extra special gift guide for the Sarasota dad who wants to give back.

By Elizabeth Djinis May 24, 2022

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This year, we've put together an extra special gift guide for the dad who wants to give back. This is for all those dads who spend their Sundays on the beach clean-up or help build houses for Habitat for Humanity or even just the dads who have a good heart. This is also the gift to give when you want to help someone and wish your dad a Happy Father's Day at the same time. The key is picking the gift that best fits with his interests.

Longboat Key Turtle Watch sponsor a nest.

Longboat Key Turtle Watch sponsor a nest.

Sponsor a Sea Turtle Nest, LBK Turtle Watch Local


5380 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 105, Longboat Key, [email protected]

The sea turtle nest is practically the symbol of the Gulf Coast. Who doesn't immediately recognize the tapered-off sections of the beach when a new nest has been marked? With a minimum donation of $30 to the Longboat Key Turtle Watch, your dad could soon have a sea turtle nest named after him. Once the stake has been marked, the nonprofit will send a photo with the nest, the stake and eventually keep you apprised of its outcome.

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Adopt a real star with Cosmo Nova.

Adopt a real star with CosmoNova.

Name a Star, CosmoNova 


If you want to think bigger--and more permanent--than a sea turtle nest, then consider naming a star for your dad. For a minimum of $34.90, you can "adopt a real star," per CosmoNova. The entire pack comes with a star certificate and a star map. If your dad is always glancing at a telescope, then this is certainly the gift for him.

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Donate to Cat Depot in Sarasota

Donate to Cat Depot in Sarasota.

Cat Depot Donation, Cat Depot Local


2542 17th St., Sarasota, (941) 366-2404

If you're anything like us, then while you know dogs are considered man's best friend, there are many cat dads who walk among us. If your dad is a cat dad, then the perfect gift may be a donation to Sarasota nonprofit Cat Depot in his honor. A $55 donation provides vaccines for one adoptable cat, while $100 will provide a month's worth of litter for five adoptable cats.

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Adopt a Manatee.

Adopt a Manatee.

Adopt a Manatee, Save The Manatee Club Local


533 Versailles Drive, Suite 100, Maitland, FL, (407) 539-0990

Aside from sea turtles, manatees are the other unofficial symbol of our area. These gentle sea cows are beautiful creatures that live in our waters. If you want to help one of them and think your dad will, then adopt a manatee on his behalf. With a $25 donation, you get an adoption certificate with a full biography of a real manatee. Your dad will never think of these herbivores the same way again.

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Sarasota Circus #1 painting.

Sarasota Circus #1 painting.

Framed Watercolor of the Sarasota Circus, Madeby Gallery Local


2700 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, (941) 822-0442

Ringling College of Art and Design's Madeby Gallery supports the designs and projects of the college's alumni and current students. What is more special than a gift for Dad that is an original and local piece of artwork and gives back to local artists? This framed watercolor of the Sarasota circus ($225) may strike a chord with anyone who's lived here for some time.

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