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Sarasota Women Launch 'Socially Twisted,' a Hilarious New Card Game

Twisted tales win the round in this card game, which can be played in person or online.

By Kim Doleatto May 5, 2021

Socially Twisted can be played in-person or virtually.

Socially Twisted can be played in-person or virtually.

Let your hair down—and maybe your morals, too—with a new improv-inspired card game from two Sarasota locals.

Socially Twisted, from Jill Ramsey and her business partner Jane Bennett, lets players get creative, silly and sometimes sleazy as they tell twisted tales prompted by random cards they’re dealt. After hearing the story, players then vote on whose tale was "best" or "worst"—well, depending on how you frame it.

As a child, Ramsey says she and her family “watched all the TV game shows, like Password and Match Game, and played a lot of Monopoly." But, she says, unlike the games of her youth, Socially Twisted one can be played virtually, too.

Socially Twisted can be played in person or virtually through an app.

Socially Twisted can be played in person or virtually through an app.

Fun is a Ramsey family value. More than 20 years ago, Ramsey and her brother Brad created a board game called A Rhyme in Time that sold close to 100,000 copies. But they both got "derailed" from the business, she says, and put their gaming dreams on hold while Ramsey raised her children. Now that the kids have flown the nest, "I've done my mommy duties and it's time for me to soar again," Ramsey says. She reached out to Bennett, of Be Creative Studios, who loved the idea for Socially Twisted. The pair partnered up and kicked off a slew of focus groups to perfect the game it launched in December 2020.

To play, a contestant is dealt four story cards, four word cards and four yellow winner cards. Players have to weave a storyline in 60 seconds by using the story card and adding the six words listed on the word card. 

For example, a story card prompt might be “getting caught messing around with your boss” and a word card might list “unreal," "cartwheel," "twins" and a couple of other unmentionables. At the end of each round, players vote on the most twisted story and the best one gets a yellow winner card. The player with the most winner cards wins. (Click here to watch an instructional video.)

Don’t have the three to eight players it takes for a game night? Invite friends and family to join in virtually with Socially Twisted's free app. Players can upload videos to Tik Tok, Instagram or any other social media platform to share laughs.

And if you're looking for a slightly more family-friendly version of the game, Socially Twisted Family and Socially Twisted Kids are cleaner versions currently available through Socially Twisted's app. 

For more information, click here. Want to buy the game? Use discount code 20SOTWISTED for 20 percent off through May 28, 2021.

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