I love the look and feel of fur, but I’ve never been a fan of the ethics (my bank account is also not a huge fan of the cost). However, in the last few years, there’s been a shift in quality of faux-fur options, specifically coats. And it’s not just a trend among the more affordable or contemporary brands — designers such as Fendi and Givenchy have also embarked on ethical fur options.

Being that I reside full-time in Sarasota (and rarely travel to colder climates), I have an irrational obsession with faux-fur coats. Whenever I see an outfit styled with a coat or a coat collection like Kathleen Barnes' (Carrie Bradshaw Lied)—seriously, all of the heart eyes—I have to remind myself that I live in Florida and one does not need that many coats when it’s 80-plus degrees most of the year (*le sigh*).

However, the temps have been in the 60s all week, and whenever there is any hint of cooler weather, I pull out all of my favorite winter attire and style myself as though I’m ready for a blizzard. I’ll be donning my favorite faux-fur all weekend—and I might even be adding some more to my collection after my "shopping research" for this post. There are so many amazing options out there if you’re looking for a faux-fur coat, so here are 10 chic options that I am loving right now.

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