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Five Must-Have Beauty Products That Will Get You Ready for Season

Heather Saba rounds up the best makeup to try right now.

By Heather Saba November 2, 2018

My favorite beauty products this month.

Image: Heather Saba

Ahh, makeup. I have a slight obsession with beauty products, specifically makeup, and I'm not partial to any brand/product or store. I will shop anywhere, any brand and try any product.

I try to limit myself to one haul a month (I mean, of course I have to replenish my "Holy Grail" products in between, but I don’t count that as a haul because, well, those are a necessity!). So, new month, new you—you've got to try these five must-have products I'm loving right now.


Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist's Palette, $55 at Sephora

The colors in this palette are amazing. A mix of cool and warm colors, matte, luster and sateen's a perfect palette for the season. I love the rich, purple tones and with 12 colors, you have endless combinations of looks to create.

How I use:

Primrose all over the lid

A blend of Fresco and Primrose in the crease

A blend of Plum Smoke and African Violet on the outer corner of the lid (stick with Plum Smoke only if you're wanting a less "shimmery" or more daytime look)

Lightly blend Bamboo over the crease

Highlight the brow with Sparkling Dew after you fill in your brows.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, $30 

I love a hydrating, dewy product when it comes to foundations and concealers, and the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer fulfilled all my dewy makeup dreams. It's full coverage, doesn't leave my skin feeling chalky or caky, and it doesn't crease.

How I use:

I love to use this for contouring and as my main under eye concealer. If you aren't into a 'dewy' look and like a more matte finish, I suggest dusting a banana powder (if using it under your eyes) or finishing powder when you've completed your makeup. $30, available at Sephora and Blue Mercury

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, $46 at Sephora and Blue Mercury

Finishing powders are one of my favorite things...but also one of the hardest things to find, at least in my experience. I've tried countless, and I have a few that I like and use, but nothing that I consider Holy Grail at this point. This one could be it, though. If you don't use a finishing powder, you must. It completes the look and sets the work of art you just created on your face. This Hourglass Lighting Powder is one product that I knew I was going to buy the day I went in for this beauty haul because, as the product detail states, "The micron-size, color-correcting particles refract light and create transparent coverage, filtering out harsh light and refining the appearance of the skin." How could you not want to try that? My only issue, which isn’t a big deal, is that it adds a bit of sparkle to the skin. I'm not huge on a sparkly face (and I’m being a little bit dramatic—it’s not that sparkly), but I’d prefer a non-sparkly finish. I think those "sparkling particles" are what helps filter the light and refine the look of your skin, though. So for that, I guess I’ll take the shimmers.

How I use:

With a large powder brush, I lightly dust all over my face when I'm done applying all of my makeup. 

Dior Addict Lip Glow, $34 at Saks Fifth Avenue or Sephora

As I mentioned in my intro Q&A, I have a lot of no makeup days. But, in all honestly, there actually is a little bit of makeup on those days. I fill in my brows, I dab some concealer on any problem areas, and I have to have something on my lip. I love a good chapstick, but sometimes you want a little something more. Or, if you're doing a very natural/minimal makeup look, you don't want chapstick, but you don't want a lined/matte lip either. So that's where the Dior Addict Lip Glow comes into play. This is the best balm out there, and I've tried a lot. My lips feel hydrated and tinted for hours. I haven't tried any color other than Pink (literally, it's just called Pink, and I feel like that tells you how classic and perfect this lip is), but there are a few other colors if that's not the tint you're looking for.

How I use:

Literally just run it over your lips like you would chapstick.  

Kristin Ess Leave-In Conditioner, $10 at Target

OK, so technically I didn’t buy this during my beauty haul—I grabbed it while on my weekly Target trip. But it’s so amazing that it deserves a mention. This Kristin Ess leave-in conditioner is what I've been using on my hair now for about a week. If you watch my stories on Instagram, I used this product once and literally had to share it with whoever would listen because it's that good. It smells amazing, it softens, strengthens, moisturizers and shines, and it's also a detangler, so if you have wild jungle hair like I do, it makes combing your hair after the shower a breeze.

How I use:

Kristin Ess products are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Immediately after showering (your hair doesn't need to be soaking, but it should be pretty wet), spray about 5-10 pumps of product all over your hair. I massage it in, then brush. 

So there you have it... my monthly beauty haul! Hope you found some new products to try out — and if you do try some out, I'd love to hear about it!

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