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I Tried It: Lash Lifts

Beauty editor Heather Dunhill finds the missing piece in her transition from eyelash extensions to natural lashes.

By Heather Dunhill November 9, 2017

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So, you’ve heard about my transition from eyelash extensions to mascara. Well, I'm starting to consider myself an expert on the subject because I'm constantly on the quest for longer and fuller natural lashesand I've got another treatment to talk about: lash lifts, a.k.a eyelash perms.

I know, I know—what?! Well, a lash lift is an old-school, semi-permanent process that creates a flipped-up curl on your natural lashes.  What’s brilliant is that the hour-long process lasts six to eight weeks, or the life cycle of your lashes.  And, I opted for a lash tint post-curl. That darker color creates the perfect no-mascara definition. Here's an example:


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I popped into Elan Skin Spa in Southside Village for my treatment—here's exactly what to expect.

After a patch test to test for sensitivity, the lash lift is a three- to four-step process:

  • The eyelashes are coated with a special adhesive then, depending on the bend you’re looking for, a medium or large silicone pad is applied, which keeps the lashes in a curled position.
  • The perm solution is then applied for 15-20 minutes
  • Then a setting solution is applied for 15-20 minutes
  • And, if you choose the lash tint (which I resolutely recommend!), that takes 10-15 minutes to complete
  • Lastly, plan for 24 hours without mascara

It's worth mentioning that the very capable Paola was my technician at Elan. I found her to be conscientious, confident and careful—all key with any service, but especially when it involves the eye area. Plus, I have dry eyes, which made me slightly concerned about potential discomfort—but there was none whatsoever.

The result? I’m unbelievably crazy about the lash lift. It’s the missing piece in my transition from eyelash extensions. The volumizing effect is lovely with natural lashes, but the pronounced curl, or bend, in the lash makes a massive impact as a base for mascara application. Not only does the treatment lift the lashes it also separates — it makes me LOVE mascara for the first time ever. They truly are longer and more dramatic. Time to ditch the lash curler for good.

Bonus: Elan Skin Spa is offering a special rate through December 31, 2017: a lash lift with a complimentary lash tint for $95. Nice, right?!  Call (941) 951-2233 to book.  You’re welcome.

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