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Iris Apfel on Fashion, Emojis and Her New Collection for Macy's

She's a nonagenarian with style in spades and her own emoji keyboard. What's next?!

By Heather Dunhill August 15, 2016

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Here's a stylish collaboration with a fashion flashback to take note of: Iris Meets I.N.C.  With her statement black glasses and signature eclectic style, the nearly 95-year-old style icon that is Iris Apfel is one of the most recognizable faces in the industry. And Macy's was wise to tap the nonagenarian for a mod-inspired collection, which launches early September. 

"Macy’s was my very first department store," Apfel says. "We always used to go there on shopping trips, and I’ve always thought very kindly of Macy’s.” 

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Well, now the indomitable Apfel turned creative director and paired up with I.N.C.’s design team to turn out an impressive 40-piece collection of must-have clothing and, of course, jewelry that includes Apfel's signature bangles. 

And one last tidbit before we share a Q&A with Iris -- be sure to download I.N.C.’s free Iris Apfel emoji keyboard, a first for Macy's, in the Apple Store or on Google Play. 

“I’m a little old for emojis, and I didn’t know what they were," Apfel says. "But everyone seems to like them, and I want everyone to have a good time. If my face makes people happy, I’m all for it.” 

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And now, without further ado, a fun Q&A with this style legend.

What’s something you refuse to wear?
I never say never. Be yourself, do not follow the herd.

Tried anything new after 90 years that you never thought you would?
I love denim. I’m probably the first woman in America to wear jeans. But recently, leggings have taken a little of my jeanswear away.

What are your passions outside of fashion?
Getting up in the morning is my greatest inspiration. 

Let’s talk your I.N.C. collaboration--what’s your definition of “must-have” items?
A wide leg or palazzo-style pant, a trench coat, a fitted turtleneck, black flats or tall boots, and some killer jewelry.

When you think of the collection, what comes to mind?
I love mod, I love boot cut. I’m so happy to see this style come back. I think the fashions are amusing and interesting.

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