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What I Wear to Work: Eduardo Anaya of PAINT Nail Bar

Eduardo Anaya shares the secrets to his sophisticated style.

By Alicia King Robinson June 21, 2016

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A true gentleman (he insisted on buying my London Fog latte!), this Mexico native shares his favorite nail polish colors and gives us the low down on his sharp, edgy and sophisticated style.

WHO: Eduardo Anaya, 28, general manager at PAINT Nail Bar in downtown Sarasota

WHAT I DO: I manage the day-to-day operations at PAINT Nail Bar. I make sure each day runs smoothly for our staff, assuring our clients' needs are satisfied. We continually strive to be at the forefront of the beauty industry.

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FAVORITE THING ABOUT PAINT: Working with PAINT’s owners Michele and Mark Schlossberg and being surrounded by professionals in the industry and getting to meet our clients. We serve around 90 clients a day, so every day I encounter anyone from 5 years old to 90. That’s what keeps it interesting every day.

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FAVORITE NAIL COLOR: For me, I use a gel nail color called Tea Party, but for our clients, there’s two colors I always recommend: Kundalini Hustle by Smith and Cult (a vibrant red) and Miley from Zoya (a soft pale blue).

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MY STYLE: I have unique pieces that I mix up according to whatever I’m doing that day. I’m also a moody dresser. If I’m walking into a meeting or doing something more professional, I dress the part. On days I don’t have anything going on, I dress down. I like dressing for the occasion.

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HOW HAS YOUR STYLE EVOLVED? Hugely. Going back to high school, I wore Abercrombie and Fitch and transitioned to conservative slacks and button-down shirts in my early 20s. Now, I’m exploring and leaning a little trendier. I’ve been focused on making sure whatever piece I do incorporate into my wardrobe, adds value – something that lasts and adds versatility. I’ve become more interested in the craftsmanship and manufacturing aspect behind fashion.

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FAVORITE DESIGNERS: Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen and Alexander Wang. They are working hard to create amazing designs year round.

MY GO-TO ITEM: My black Jung Maven t-shirt. It was a gift. It’s made of hemp and organic cotton. It’s also made in the U.S. and is so soft.

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 FAVORITE ITEM I OWN: My ring. It was the ring my father gave my mother on their 25th anniversary. It’s made up of three different shades of gold: rose gold, white gold and yellow gold.

Inside are father’s initials, which are also my initials, and the year they got married. To me, this ring represents my sister, my brother and me. My sister symbolizes the rose gold, I’m the white gold and my brother is the yellow gold.

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FOR A NIGHT OUT ON THE TOWN: Givenchy sneakers, black shorts and a black t-shirt with a hat.

Eduardo is wearing 7 for All Mankind jeans, a pink striped Hugo Boss button-down long-sleeved shirt, ZARA blue blazer, Alexander McQueen loafers, a PATRA VEE bracelet (available at PAINT Nail Bar) and a custom-made ring.

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 A Florida native, Alicia King Robinson is the director of public relations at Sarasota-based ThreeSixOh Public Relations and the blogger behind New Version of You. Her love of fashion and eye for stylish living began at an early age. Meant to inspire, she explores fashion and the evolution and ever-changing versions of ourselves with style-inspired content.

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